22nd camp season

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Our 22nd camp season was attended by 204 students and 36 faculty and staff members from 4 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA and China)
The season was launched with Prah-A-harP Quartet, which was held in the Holy Trinity Church in Horní Jelení.
In session I, students improved their musical skills in symphonic ensembles, recorder ensemble, choral ensemble, piano and harp.
In addition to regular evening concerts for students, we organized an off-camp concert of all majors in Exaltation of the Holy Cross Church in Litomysl. The concert took place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Czech Music Camp for Youth Fr. Walter Marek. Fr. Marek luckily escaped that place while being arrested by the Communist State Police in February 1949 (one year after the Communist Party took over the rule in Czechoslovakia). Fr. Marek was forced to leave Czechoslovakia. He served as a chapel man in refugee camps in Germany before he moved to the United States in 1951 where he served as a chapel man and priest in several parishes in Michigan. He helped to start Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in 1966 and 30 years later after the Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution he became a founder of the Czech Music Camp for Youth in the Czech Republic.
A tour of this beautiful UNESCO heritage town was also a part of this off-camp experience.
Our international campers Jiri Matousek and Jiri Svatos shared their experiences with our campers about their stay at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan and a stay in the U.S. host family.
Session II was opened with a piano recital of Vsevolod Tokmakov (Russia). Guitar Ensemble replaced harps and Czech Theatre replaced choir. Other majors remained the same.
Both orchestra and band directors praised the hard work and high level of musical skills of their students. Both ensembles rehearsed for the final concert despite the heat in the concert tent. Thanks to the Symphonic Band, the European premiere of several pieces by young American composer Jason Nitsch was played. 
As the RADOST camp facility is for sale and a new owner hasn't been found yet, the Czech Music Camp for Youth will be organized at a different place in 2019, the Mountain of Holy Mother near the town Kraliky, approx. 70 km to the east of its present location. The camp dates are July 3 - 20, 2019. However, we hope to return to our original setting in the future.