23rd camp season in a new location

Our 23rd camp season was held for the first time in the camp history in a new location of Mountain of Holy Mother near Kraliky, about 50 miles from our original Horni Jeleni campus. 160 students and 33 faculty and staff members from 5 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, and USA) took part in this camp adventure. All participants enjoyed well-prepared accommodation and facilities of the new campus located in the monastery and nearby hotel. We  especially enjoyed the breathtaking view of the mountains and the town.  
The season was launched on July 3 with Prague Flute Quartet concert, which was held in the monastery church. Students improved their musical skills in symphonic ensembles, recorder ensemble, choral ensemble, guitar ensemble, piano and harp. Piano students practiced for their final concert in the Kraliky music school while other major ensembles had their rehearsals in the monastery or in the hotel. 
Our evening student and staff performances held in the monastery hall became more and more popular among local visitors.
Our staff members and students gladly joined the local traditional music tour of 4 village churches and chapels which was connected with fundraising for renovation of organs. Piano major students enjoyed a small organ workshop with conservatory organ teacher Vaclav Uhlir.
String orchestra, choir and harp performed an off-camp concert in the garden of St. Zdislava Retirement Centre in Cervena Voda on July 11.
Final concert of symphonic ensembles and jazz band were held in the community center Strelnice in Kraliky. Symphonic Band conducted by U.S. conductor Robert James Cesario performed a world premiere of As the Sky Begins to Clear composed by American composer Jason Nitsch. Piano, recorders, guitar and harp had their final concerts in Kraliky Music School.

Our plans for 24th season include a new camp session (August 1-8) which will be held in our original campus in Horni Jeleni. The new owner of the campus plans to do some reconstruction there.  However, the season will begin on July 8 on the Mountain of Holy Mother near Kraliky. We plan to have 2 camp sessions in the mountains. The season will be concluded in Horni Jeleni on August 8.

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