17th season

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Our 17th season hosted 144 students from United States, Turkey, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. A new major International Choral Ensemble opened in session I. As an introduction of a new major, the opening vocal recital was featuring the director of a new department Oldriska Honsova with her students Karolina Vrbova and Dominik Macek accompanied by Russian pianist Ekaterina Pastukhova. Session II opened with Prague Cello Quartet performing for our campers in Holy Trinity Church in Horni Jeleni.
Camp season offered great experience in performing off camp such as Jazz Band performing outside Horni Jeleni church on July 21 followed by camp band marching through the streets of the town, three concerts in the retirement homes in Horni Jeleni (choir), Moravany (jazz band) and Pardubice (string orchestra).

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Kraliky, CZE
50.0749239N, 16.7829275E

Horni Jeleni
50.0523172N, 16.0713917E