What new in 2012 season?

Due date:

We have finally updated our offer for 2012. Due to great demand for Piano ensemble major we would like to extend our program into 3 sessions in 2012. The 3rd session is to be finally confirmed at the end of January 2012 depending on the number of applications. Session III will offer new majors International Choral Ensemble with the opportunity to sing in English or Latin. Jazz Band has been very popular as an elective program for many years so we decided to give it a try as a major. It will also include some Marching Band experience which can be valuable for many wind players. Czech Theatre might be also interesting for international students with some Czech background to practice the language of their parents or grandparents. Art major is coming back as a major program.
Because of uncertain situation around euro, the prices for 2012 are in USD. The price can be calculated in EUR according to current exchange rate. We use 3 price zones instead of World Discount group, zone A is mostly Eastern Europe, zone B is the rest of EU, USA, Canada and countries whose citizens mostly do not need tourist visa to come to the Czech Republic, all other countries are in zone C.