18th season

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167 students from Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Lihuania, Russia, Great Britain, Mexico, Slovakia and Czech Republic participated in our 18th annual season. Czech Theatre was opened as a new major in session II. Marimba recital featuring French instrumentalist Cecile Boiffin accompanied by pianist Marketa Vyborna opened our camp season. Session II started with the Holy Trinity Church performance of Tubicenes Caelis brass ensemble from Prelouc, Czech Republic. 
A lot of concerts were held off campus. Jazz band was performing in thr retirement home in Pardubice. Choral Ensemble, recorders and harps were featuring a concert in Simeon - home for handicapped in Horni Jeleni and Horni Jeleni church performance.
Tadeas Sorejs became the first student who participated in both Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp and Czech Music Camp for Youth during one camp season.

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Kraliky, CZE
50.0749239N, 16.7829275E

Horni Jeleni
50.0523172N, 16.0713917E