Fine Arts Camp Experience- International (acronym FACE-IN) is the name of a new exchange program organized by non-profit organization Czech Music Camp for Youth. The aim of this project is create links between Czech and American families who are interested in hosting a Czech or Slovak student coming to the United States to experience one session at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Michigan or sending their son or daughter to the Czech Republic to get the international experience at the Fine Arts Camps Europe, Czech Republic including the Czech host family experience. 

We offer American students international experience at the Fine Arts Camps Europe / Czech Music Camp for Youth in Horni Jeleni, Czech Republic. This camp is modelled after Blue Lake, but it maintains family atmosphere because it is much smaller. The maximum capacity of one camp session is about 120 campers. It accepts students of ages 10 - 19.

The exchange program includes 17 nights (10 or 6 nights at the Fine Arts Camps Europe / Czech Music Camp for Youth in Horni Jeleni, Czech Republic, 6 or 10 nights in the Czech/Slovak host family and 1 overnight flight to the Czech Republic). The U.S. / Canadian student covers the airfare to the Czech Republic, exchange program fee, and travel insurance. No visa is necessary, only a valid U.S. / Canadian passport. After the camp you will stay at the Czech/Slovak host family where you can expect free room and full board, transfer from/to the airport in Prague (PRG), Vienna (VIE), Munich (MUC) or Berlin - Tegel (TXL). Prague airport is the closest airport to the camp (only 80 miles). Sightseeing trips and entrance fees will be covered by the Czech host family.

NEW for 2015: We offer direct non-stop flights from from Chicago to Berlin - Tegel (TXL) with or from Chicago (ORD) to Vienna (VIE) with Austrian Airlines or from Chicago (ORD) to Munich (MUC) with Lufthansa. There is no need to change flights at busy US or European airports. The host family or our team will pick you up and drop you off at these airports in Central Europe.

NEW for 2016: Session I students (July 20-30) will get 11 days at the camp including free tour of the castle in Nove Hrady followed by mid-session concert on Sunday July 24 at 2:30 pm. We offer the 25-day stay for students who wish to spend both sessions at the Czech Music Camp for Youth. Prague has a direct flight connection with New York, JFK (Delta) and Toronto, Pearson (Air Canada Rouge, AirTransat). If you want to change your flight we recommend doing so at one of these airports and flying directly to Prague

The U.S. family interested in hosting a Czech / Slovak student agrees to cover room and full board for 5 days after or before the camp, transfer from/to the airport in Chicago (ORD), Detroit (DTW), Muskegon (MKG) or Grand Rapids (GRR), sightseeing trips and entrance fees for the Czech/Slovak student. The Czech/Slovak student covers the airfare, exchange program fee and travel insurance.

The air travel will be organized by Czech Music Camp for Youth, non-profit organization. The payment for airfare and travel insurance will be made to the Czech Music Camp for Youth, non-profit organization. The Paypal transfer fees of 4% will be covered by the U.S. applicant.

Czech Music Camp for Youth will provide all necessary information service for the exchange.

length of stay fee airfare from ORD  insurance**
FACE-IN, 18 days (July 18 – August 4, 2016) 10 – 19 yrs., camp July 19 – 30, host family July 30 – August 4  799 USD

1,364 USD (Air Berlin)*
1,784 USD (Austrian)*

89 USD
FACE-IN, 18 days (July 22 – August 8, 2016) 10 – 19 yrs., camp July 31 – August 6, host family July 23 – 31, August 6 – 8 699 USD

1,377 USD (AirBerlin)*
1,581 USD* (Austrian)*

 89 USD
FACE-IN, 25 days (July 15 – August 8, 2016) 10 – 19 yrs., camp July 20 – August 6, host family July 16 – 20, August 6 – 8 899 USD

1,377 USD (Air Berlin)*
1,954 USD (Lufthansa)*

89 USD

  *approximate airfare prices ORD - TXL - ORD or ORD - VIE - ORD on November 17, 2015, the actual airfare will be calculated according to the present offer 
** Lonely Planet travel insurance approximate prices

Frequently asked questions
Do we need to do both parts of the program (hosting a European student and attending camp in Europe)?
No. You can decide only for one part of the program, for example hosting. However, it would be nice when you decide to host a Czech / Slovak student age group 10 – 19 that your family has at least one family member of the same age group.

What is the application deadline?
We would like to have all FACE-IN applications by March 31 as the tickets prices go up before the summer season. The earlier you apply, the better airfare you get plus some New Year discount or First Moment discounts for applications received during December or January.

What if I want to travel to Europe with my family? Can I still be a part of the camp experience?
Of course you can. You won‘t be a part of the exchange program but you can still participate at the Fine Arts Camps Europe in Horni Jeleni, Czech Republic on your own. You can visit our website www.chtm.cz and fill in the international camp application. We can assist your family members to find accommodation in the area while you enjoy the camp fun. Your folks can visit you every evening during evening concerts.

Is the Czech Republic safe?
It is a democratic country a part of former Czechoslovakia. It is a member of the European Union and NATO part former. It is located in the heart of Europe between Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia. The country has strong historical and cultural heritage. Perhaps you know Czech composers Smetana or Dvorak. Our campsite is situated only 20 miles from Smetana’s birthplace, Litomyšl. The Litomyšl castle is on the UNESCO heritage list.

What do you do in case of health problems?
Fine Arts Camps Europe has a camp nurse who provides all basic treatments free of charge. The emergency care center is 20 miles away. A participant must have a travel insurance to participate in the exchange program. However, most of medical facilities in the Czech Republic require payment in cash for by card for the treatment. You will receive a bill which will be covered by your insurance company when you return. We recommend to bring at least 150 USD in cash that you won‘t need to exchange. This money will be stored in the camp bank while at the camp. You will have it for use only in case of some medical treatment and you will withdraw it on the last day of the camp.

Do I need to exchange money?
Czech Koruna is the national currency in the Czech Republic. You will need to exchange money US dollars in the Czech Republic. If you stay in a Slovakian host family, you will need to exchange Euro.

Do you accept cards?
No, unfortunately we don‘t accept cards at the camp so you will need to bring some cash pocket money but you can pay for the camp by card through Paypal. We also accept bank wire transfers (SWIFT). The bank fees are covered by the participant (OUR)

Who is going to accompany my child during the air travel?
If your child is 12 yrs and younger, it can be accompanied during air travel. Some fee for this service is required. It is charged per segment of the flight. I recommend taking a direct flight from U.S. / Canada to Prague, Vienna or Munich where Fine Arts Camps Europe staff can arrange for airport pick up by a Czech host family.



FACE-IN application is available in the Download section. For more information and further questions about the exchange program please contact our e-mail info@chtm.cz