Revised final instructions

Datum konání: July 20, 2008

New revision of 2008 final instructions and forms has been posted in the Download section. New forms of parental permission to use personal medication and parental permission to depart the camp with another person have been added.

Change in tuition policy

Datum konání: June 25, 2008

Due to rapid changes in the exchange rates the camp tuition will be calculated based on the current EUR/CZK or USD/CZK exchange rates. The basic fee for 10 days is 6350 CZK, for 7 days 4550 CZK, for both sessions 10400 CZK.

Final instructions, programs and forms 2008 available

Datum konání: June 9, 2008

Final instructions, health forms and evening program schedules are available for download in the Download section. Internet Special Needs Form needs to be sent in case of special requirements concerning health, food, transportation or accomodation by July 15, 2008.
It is also possible to book performance at the Talent Show on August 3 via e-mail The music for accompanist needs to be sent by June 30, 2008.

Extra major

Datum konání: January 31, 2008

Starting February 1, 2008 we offer new major in session II (August 10 - 16, 2008) Recorder Ensemble directed by Ms Eva Zemanova (CZ).

Applications available

Datum konání: November 30, 2007

Applications and reservations form are available online. The camp tuition has changed due to different exchange rates.

Changes in the 12th season

Datum konání: October 31, 2007

The C.M.C.Y. Board of Directors announced the changes in the 12th camp season which will consist of one 10-day session from July 31 to August 9, 2008 and one 7-day session August 10 - 16, 2008. Both sessions will allow students choose the lenght of their stay for 7, 10 or 17 days. Symphony Orchestra, Piano, Harp, and English Theatre will be common majors for both sessions. 10-day session students can also sign up for Symphonic Band or Recorder Ensemble while 7-day participants can sign up for the Art major. The reason for the change is mainly economical, which means not only rising costs due to tax reforms anf lack of governmental support but also the intention to use the campus more effectively than in the past.

11th season Czech Summer Fine Arts Centre finale

Datum konání: August 12, 2007

Total 223 students (ages of 8 - 19) from 8 different countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Cyprus, U.S.A. and El Salvador) participated in the 11the season Czech Summer Fine Arts Centre in Horni Jeleni.
Session I hosted a new Art major besides traditional Symphonic Band, Recorder Ensemble, Harp, Piano, and the English Theatre. Both large symphonic ensembles had female conductors for the first time in camp history. While Jennifer Fenton conducted the Symphonic Band for the first time, Dorothy Kunkel returned to direct Symphony Orchestra for the 2nd time. Both conductors come from the same town of Cedar in Michigan.
There were concerts every evening from July 20 when Vent's Wind Harmony opened the the camp season, to the final concert of the C.M.C.Y. Symphony Orchestra on August 12.

Final instructions, programs and forms available

Datum konání: June 7, 2007

Final instructions, special needs and health forms and evening program schedule are available for download in the Download section. Special needs form needs to be sent in case of special requirements concerning health, food, transportation or accomodation by July 5, 2007.

Session III merge with C.E.Y.S.O.

Datum konání: February 28, 2007

Due to low number of applications in session III we had to move its activities to C.E.Y.S.O. program from July 29 to August 3, 2007 where all communication will be held in English from July 30 to August 2. The only major will be Symphony Orchestra and possibly Wind Ensemble. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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